About Me

I am a huge foodie. Before I finish the meal I'm eating I am already thinking up what to have for the next one. As I have gotten older I have realized how important it is for our environment and our bodies to eat as many whole, local foods as possible.  I do treat myself every once in a while as sweets are my weakness, especially cookie dough and cakes.

I am also an avid baker.  So far I have baked the wedding cakes of two of my friends, and hope that this number grows!  I love to bake for others and although I typically do not get paid to bake I would love to at some point in my life.  Owning my own bakery is one of my dreams, though I know it would take a lot of work and early mornings.

 I will share stories about my life as well as my attempt to eat healthy as often as possible in a society that pushes the opposite on us. Currently I am studying to get a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology. I hopefully will be graduating after this fall semester and will then be on a fervid job hunt!!! Please feel free to contact me about anything and I hope you enjoy!