Monday, July 25, 2011

Beer Dabbler/Twins Game/Osaka

A few weeks ago I attended the Highland Park Beer Dabbler. 

For those of you who do not know a beer dabbler is a place where brewers get to show off their products and for a measly $30 individuals can purchase tickets and drink as many samples of that product as one wanted.  It was awesome and if you LOVE beer as much as me I highly suggest you fork over the money and go to one if you get the opportunity to.  The unfortunate part about this particular beer dabbler was that it was after several rainy days.  This resulted in a mud pit and extremely hot and humid day.  Thankfully there was a DQ right across the street where we took refuge for some food and serious AC time.  This allowed us to buck up and sample the rest of the beers we had yet to try.  Overall a great day that resulted in a nap from about 8-10 PM.  Oh yes this was merely a nap ;)

Just some of the tents with beer underneath them.

One of the local brewers present.  Gotta LOVE local.

Ross, Sam and Matty sampling some beer.  See the mud in the background... YUM.
Overall 65+ breweries and 200+ beers to sample equals a GREAT time.  

Back in March my family attended the auto show as we do every year.  We always enter any contests they have and this year it finally paid off.  My momma won two tickets to a twins game!!!  It just so happened that the tickets were for this past Saturday.  

Although it was a SUPER hot day it was not as bad as it has been here.  I still managed to get sweat the entire game though!  This picture does not do a great job showing my serious sweating...  I love the new Stadium and although I miss the Metrodome there is something to be said about watching baseball outside.  The best part of the game was that we WON!  Go TWINS!  I told my mom this just means that in order for the Twins to do better we need to go to more games :)  I'll let you know how that goes...
Apologies for the awful quality
After that Sam and I had a great date night trying out the new Osaka Japanese Restaurant that recently opened in Golden Valley.  Sam had never done Hibachi before and I had a coupon so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it out.  All in all it was a great time!  They also had a great happy hour that we were unfortunately too full to test out.  Which means we'll just have to go back there!  I guess it's a good thing, but I always forget to take pictures when Sam and I go out!  His company is just so great that I forget to snap any pictures.  I'm working on this... We'll see how it goes.

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